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Financial system and banks
Authors: Georgopoulos, Antonios
Aggelopoulos, Eleftherios
The content of this chapter is directly related to the material of the following chapters of this book. In particular, the first chapter sets the framework within which the analysis of banks in their various areas of activity (deposits, financing, marketing, credit policy, etc.) will follow. At the same time, this chapter introduces the financial system, and presents the banks as an integral part of this system, revealing their central role. Issues such as the nature of money, the purpose of the financial system, the types of financial markets, the forms of financing, the intermediary nature of banks, the intermediation and securitization procedures and the evaluation of the position of banks within the financial system as a whole are addressed here.
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Type: Chapter
Creation Date: 2022
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Bibliographic Citation: Georgopoulos, A., & Aggelopoulos, E. (2022). Financial system and banks [Chapter]. In Georgopoulos, A., & Aggelopoulos, E. 2021. Bank analysis and financing [Undergraduate textbook]. Kallipos, Open Academic Editions. chapter 1.
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Is Part of: Bank analysis and financing
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