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Title: Modern Greek Grammar Notes for Absolute Beginners
Subtitle: A User-friendly Grammar for Levels A1/A2
Authors:Poulopoulou, Maria
Reviewer: Stamouli, Spyridoula
Grammar Modern Greek Case Gender Tense Aspect
This book aims at providing a comprehensive account of elementary Modern Greek for learners with little or no previous knowledge of the language. The concept of grammar implied in this context extends far beyond the theoretical description per se to include practical guidance towards effective communication, as well as commentary of cultural and linguistic relevance. The grammar is presented from an absolute beginner’s point of view, prioritizing what is more basic in language learning, with a consistent focus on use, meaning, and pronunciation. Grammar points are explained in an everyday style that echoes teaching in class, with the minimum of relevant terminology. They are combined with numerous examples (along with their oral version) in order to familiarize students with the use of the language. The book is structured in 11 Chapters (with exercises for further practice), an Appendix, a Glossary, and its translation in Modern Greek.
Creation Date: 2015
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URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11419/4393
ISBN: 978-960-603-129-8
Eudoxus ID: 320337
Bibliographic Citation:Poulopoulou, M. 2015. Modern Greek Grammar Notes for Absolute Beginners. [ebook] Athens:Hellenic Academic Libraries Link. Available Online at: http://hdl.handle.net/11419/4393
Language: English
Consists of: 1. The Βasics
2. Nouns and Verbs
3. More about Nouns: Nominative and Accusative Cases
4. More about Verbs: The Modern Greek Present Tense
5. Before the Noun: Adjectives and More
6. Instead of Nouns: Pronouns
7. About the Verb: Adverbials
8. A Tense from the Past: The Modern Greek αόριστος
9. To the Future: The Modern Greek μέλλοντας and More
10. Back to Nouns: Genitive Case
11. Beyond Grammar: Some Notes on Vocabulary
License: Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike
Technical Editors: Morakis, Konstantinos
Publication type: Kallipos publications
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